Using Magic Erasers to Clean Leather


Using Magic Erasers to clean leather can be a risky business.
Otherwise known as Magic Erasers, Microcleaning pads, Magic Sponges these harmless-looking sponges can do more harm than good.

Magic Erasers are made from melamine (like your kitchen work surface) that has been finely ground and then reconstituted into a sponge.

It appears that some people (including some suppliers) are still advocating the use of these melamine sponges to clean leather.

Please be aware of the way these work:
Melamine sponges are like very fine sandpaper.
They work by removing or ‘sanding’ a very fine amount from the surface that is being cleaned.
Whilst this may be great for wood and hard surfaces it is very detrimental to the fine surface finish on the leather.

Whilst results might look amazing the process is seriously detrimental to the longevity of your leather. In no time at all your leather will need repairs and restoration work to stop the finishes from depleting further

Products sold to be used in conjunction with these sponges simply rely on the abrasion of the sponge rather than the product being the correct formulation to clean the leather safely

So take care next time you reach for one of these to use on your leather you it may cost you much more than you think

Team LTT

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