Aniline LeatherGuard Protector

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LTT LeatherGuard is the very latest advanced technology protector for absorbent leather
Protection against stains and spillages as well as UV damage and fading
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Aniline Protector

Aniline Protector for all your Aniline and Semi Aniline furniture.

Aniline leather is highly absorbent and can be easily damaged by stains and spillages as well as head oils and grease.

Aniline LeatherGuard Protector is the most advanced stain protection system on the market forming a breathable barrier to protect your leather but will not alter the look or feel of the leather.

Make your leather last longer and look great throughout its life by protecting against everyday dirt and damage.

Easy to use spray application to give you extra peace of mind and allow your furniture to be used as it should be.
Aniline LeatherGuard Protector is guaranteed to prolong the life of your furniture and should be regularly used on:

  • Aniline leather
  • Semi Aniline leather

to help protect against

  • Spillages
  • Head grease
  • Body Oils
  • UV Damage
  • Fading

Aniline LeatherGuard Protector actively

  • Protects
  • Re-hydrates
  • Condition

Indigo Furniture recommend Aniline Protector for use on all their sofas and headboards.
Authentic Furniture recommend Aniline Protector for use on all their range.
DFS Ranch Outback should always be protected with Aniline Protector.

Regularly protecting the head areas of your furniture will protect the leather from damage by body oils and prevent staining which can be hard to fix.

Cleaning Aniline Leather
What is Aniline Leather?

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