Auto Leather Aroma



Infuse your customers car with the great aroma of new leather
Air freshener and odour repellent
Simply mist around or spray into the heating vents for a great smelling interior!!

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Auto Leather Aroma

Love the smell of new leather but find it has faded over time?
Infuse your car with the luxurious clean aroma of new leather
Made from our famous ‘Leather Essence’

  • High intensity smell of clean leather
  • Odour repellant
  • Air Freshener


Auto Leather Aroma

Infuse your car interior with the great smell of new leather


Auto Leather Aroma should not be sprayed directly onto the leather due to its oil content.

Auto Leather Aroma can be applied in many ways in your car interior just use your imagination!!

  • Spray generally around the car interior
  • Spray under seat on fabric areas
  • Spray into heating vents
  • Spray onto a soft cotton pad and install under the seat of the car


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