Auto LeatherGuard

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The ultimate in protection for your leather car interior
Helps stop dye transfer on pale leather
Does not alter the sheen of the leather
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Regular protection of your leather interior will help keep it clean and prevent dye transfer which will prolong the life of your leather

Dye transfer and ingrained dirt is a major issue on pale coloured leather interiors
LTT Auto LeatherGuard provides the very best in protection to help prevent the dye from affecting the finish on the leather and from dirt that will eventually break down the surface coating and cause cracking
Using the latest leather protection technology Auto LeatherGuard provides a breathable barrier on the surface without changing the way the leather looks – this allows dirt and stains including dye transfer to sit on the surface where it can be easily cleaned away
Water based surface technology at its best

LTT Auto LeatherGuard

  • Protects without sealing
  • Rehydrates
  • Conditions
  • Protects against dirt
  • Stops cracking
  • Stops scuffing
  • Makes cleaning easier
  • Prevents dye transfer
  • Guards against body oils

Once applied your leather should be cleaned with Auto Maintain on a regular basis to keep your leather free from dirt and body oils

We recommend your leather is deep cleaned with Auto Foam once or twice a year (depending on usage) and the Auto LeatherGuard reapplied

If you already have a dye transfer problem use Jean & Dye Transfer Remover Kit prior to application of Auto LeatherGuard

For the very best in leather protection Auto LeatherGuard is the product of choice for professional detailers around the world

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