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The Handbag Spa Everyday 3in1 product is perfect to use regularly on your everyday handbags and purses. It is a cleaner, protector and hydrator all in one easy to use spray. This water based product will clean off light day to day dirt build up on leather whilst topping up a layer of protection on the surface of the leather to prevent problems such as liquid staining occurring.

This however is NOT a stand alone protector and MUST be used in conjunction with The Handbag Spa Dermo Protect to get the ultimate protection for your leather handbags and purses.

Can be used on:

Finished Leather
Unfinished Leather
Calf Skin
Lamb Skin
Full Grain Leather
Saffiano Leather
Aniline Leather
Ostrich Leather

Perfect for:

Mulberry Bayswater, Mitzy, Daria & Alexa
Louis Vuitton Speedy, Neverfull & Alma
Prada Saffiano Double Tote
Chanel Lamb Skin & Caviar

Not for use on:

Suede, Nubuck, Fabric,

If you are un sure if this product is suitable for your handbag or purse contact The Handbag Spa for more details
email: info@thehandbagspa.com
Tel: 01423 888 709

How to use:

We recommend you use this product weekly on your everyday handbag to ensure it stays looking it’s best. Simply spray on to a clean cloth and apply to the surface of the leather making sure you apply to a full panel at a time. This product WILL darken unfinished leathers, (do not panic!) it will dry back to the original colour not altering the look feel or finish in any way.

Remember, for the ultimate in stain protection use Everyday 3in1 in conjunction with The Handbag Spa Dermo Protect to prevent problems such as liquid staining, dye transfer and oil stains.

If your handbag is heavily soiled we do have three cleaning products designed for finished or unfinished leathers to get the ultimate clean before you protect. See our products, Antibacterial Cleanse, Dermo Cleanse or Sensitive Cleanse for more information.

Caution: Keep product away from children. Possible irritation to skin and eyes. If product gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water and seek medical advice.

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