Lazy Leather

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4 in 1 Cleaner & Protector for your leather

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Want the quickest and best way to look after your leather?
Lazy Leather is the perfect way to keep your leather in the best condition

  • Cleans
  • Protects
  • Conditions
  • Re hydrates

So simple to use – simply spray and wipe
Guaranteed to prolong the life of your leather when used on a regular basis
FREE cloths with every purchase


Cleaning and Protection in one simple step

Want the simplest way to keep your leather in the best condition?
It couldn’t be easier with Lazy Leather an amazing water-based conditioner for leather

Our clever technologists at LTT Leathercare have created the perfect solution to keep your leather looking good and feeling great to give you greater peace of mind
With the latest blend of the finest leather care ingredients, you can be sure your leather is treated correctly to enhance the feel, look and durability of your furniture

This simple spray and wipe product cleans, protects, hydrates and conditions your leather to keep it looking and feeling at its best
FREE cloths included with every purchase

Used on a regular basis Lazy Leather is GUARANTEED to prolong the life of your leather

The benefits of maintenance cleaning

Great for use as a regular maintenance product if used in conjunction with Ultra Leather Protect our outstanding protector for your leather
Regular maintenance cleaning will ensure that dirt, grease and body oils are not allowed to build upon your leather and cause any damage to the surface coatings that have been applied
Protecting and cleaning on a regular basis will actively help to restore the leathers original look and feel and prolong the life of the leather itself

What does Lazy Leather do?

  • Cleans
  • Protects
  • Conditions
  • Re-hydrates

Very simple to use but full instructions included

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Your leather is in safe hands with LTT Leathercare the most respected experts in the industry

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