Leather Recolour

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So simple to use!
Restores your leather in one wipe
Amazing colour restoration for Surface Coated Leather (Finished, Pigmented)
Restores colour and reinforces the top coatings to help revive the leather and prolong its life
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Need to restore the colour of your leather?
Fed up with scuffs and scratches?
Want something that is easy to use and long lasting?

For use on Pigment Coated or Finished leather

Leather Recolour is just what you are looking for
Fantastic leather colour restorer and reviver
Adds colour and reinforces the top coating resulting in long lasting wear and durability
The very latest in colour coating technology to restore surface coated leather
Ideal for pigment coated and finished leathers 

The colour blends effortlessly with the existing coatings restoring the colour and reinforcing the finish therefore prolonging the life of your leather

Leather Recolour will not change the colour of an item but restores the original colour and adds a flexible finish to the surface therefore keeping the original look of the leather

This easy to use wipe on product is long lasting, cannot crack or peel and prolongs the life of your leather by reinforcing the coatings that have been applied

Used by professional restorers to add colour and hide scuffs and scratches and general wear

  • Extremely flexible
  • Easy to apply – cloths provided
  • One coat coverage
  • Extremely economical in use
  • Great for piping and edging
  • Fills in cracked surfaces and evens out fading and colour loss
  • Choice of ready mixed colours that blend with the original

Use on:

  • Furniture
  • Car Interiors
  • Travel bags
  • Handbags
  • Clothing

Leather Colour Restorer as seen on You Tube


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