Leather Repair Pen (Ekornes Batick)

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The original Leather Repair Pen for Ekornes leathers
Pigment and Finish combined to give great results on damaged and scuffed leather
Now with a ‘flo control’ technology and sponge tipped nib for easy application
FREE prep wipes with every purchase


Ekornes Batick Leather Repair Pen

Expertly matched to the original samples of Ekornes Batick Leather Repair Pen is easy to use and can help prolong the life of your leather

LTT Leathercare produced the very first Leather Repair Pen and have continued to develop their original product to make even better repairs on your leather

Now in the Ekornes Batick range of leathers

Rather than being simply a marker pen all our pens contain genuine pigments and finishes used to repair leather in the restoration industry

Our pens now come with a unique soft sponge tip for easier application of colourand have ‘flo control’ technology built in

Simply charge the pen and away you go

Ekornes Batick Leather Repair Pens are great for:

  • Scuffs
  • Scratches
  • Cat damage
  • Minor stains
  • Delivery damage
  • Minor cracking

For use on Pigment coated leather only – not suitable for use on Aniline style leather or Nubuck or Suede

Custom Mix Ekornes Leather Repair Pens

Can’t find the colour you are looking for?
Please send a sample of your leather to LTT Leathercare and we will mix a custom pen for you
LTT Leathercare Ltd
Langdale House
105b Wetherby Road

Protecting your Ekornes furniture with Ultra Leather Protect will prolong the life of the leather and help make it easier to keep clean

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