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Leather Training Courses

LTT Leathercare are the experts when it comes to leather and its care and repair and their Leather Training Courses are recognised by the industry all over the world. LTT offer a wide range of courses to cover all aspects of leather cleaning, repairs and restoration.

With over 2 decades of instructing delegates form all over the world their modular approach to training takes the delegate step by step through all the processes and products necessary to add this lucrative service to their portfolio.

Whether a newcomer or experienced technician or cleaner LTT Leathercare Courses have something to offer everyone.

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Why Train with LTT?

Why choose LTT as your leather training providor

Learning all about leather before you pitch in to adding the service to your business is a crucial step and one that LTT Leathercare take very seriously.

LTT Leathercare are passionate about leather and passionate about caring for it correctly using the most effective products and processes there are.

For over 2 decades LTT Leathercare have been setting the standard for leather training courses all over the world, having established the very first Leather Training School in the UK in 2001 LTT Leathercare developed the original techniques for Leather Identification and created the care processes used by all other training companies today, indeed most current  leather instructors have passed through our doors over the years.

Having trained for many years all over the world LTT Leathercare have extensive experience educating delegates from all aspects of the leather industry from manufacturers and retailers to helping start-ups beginning in a new career.

LTT have helped to develop and set the standard for leather training courses worldwide and we are now endorsed by the furniture and leather industry globally.

Courses are run by the UK’s most qualified and professional instructor (Judyb) and are a fantastic opportunity to learn all there is to know about leather cleaning, minor repairs and leather restoration for whatever your job entails.

All courses are taught in small groups to ensure an easy learning experience with hands on tuition throughout.

LTT teach people with no experience of leather right through to those with many years work in the industry so whether you want to run your own business or just develop new techniques and skills to keep up with the latest trends in leather repair LTT are here to help.

LTT are the official training company for:

  • Aston Martin
  • Bo Concept
  • Sherborne Upholstery
  • Indigo Furniture
  • ScS
  • Mulberry
  • FIRA
  • AMU
  • NCCA
  • Whistler Leather
  • Futura Leather

and many 1000’s of individual technicians and companies all over the world – our certified courses are well recognised by the following industries:

  • Cleaning
  • Furniture Retailers
  • Airline
  • Superyacht
  • Detailers
  • Furniture Manufacturers
  • Leather Suppliers
  • Tanners
  • Interior Designers and Specifiers

All course delegates are fully supported after completion of courses with advice and help from our resident leather experts who offer mentoring and technical support on an ongoing basis

Our 3 day Leather Technicians Course is the most comprehensive leather training course in the world

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Leather and your Business


Training – the solution to survival

Survival in business is a key topic in today’s economic climate.
Diversification and adaptation is one critical key to survival.
Diversification means moving in to new skill areas or becoming highly proficient with current skills to offer comprehensive or different services in related areas.

Training and education is the safest and quickest way to develop new areas, and brush up on the latest advances in products and processes.

Learning a new skill set Leather cleaning, Leather Repair or Leather Restoration  will enable you to communicate more confidently with clients about areas of work that you may previously have avoided.  Even if you have no desire or intention of undertaking the work yourself you can still sell the necessity for the work to the client through your confidence in the subject and pass the work onto a colleague or subcontract it. If, sometime in the future you are considering this new area of work then you can be on the lookout for jobs suitable for your newly acquired skill at the appropriate level while handing on jobs that you feel maybe beyond you at the present time.

LTT Leathercare Ltd specialise in training courses covering the cleaning, repair and restoration of leather.

As specialist instructors and consultants to the leather industry LTT are very aware that with the increasing diversity of types and finishes of leather on the market, the standard established products and processes are often proving ineffective and sometimes risky when the products and processes are not matched correctly to a particular leather type.

There has also been a rapid increase in the number of products (particularly those for cleaning) being produced by so called ‘experts’ who have in fact no real expertise in the market and would be unable to offer any real technical advice should things go wrong.

Leather finishes, including aniline style, micro pigments, two tone and crackle glazes are now common place rather than rare and knowing the differences between them together with how you approach cleaning and repair becomes a necessity.  Picking the wrong product or process could lead to an expensive claim as well as putting you off leather for life!!

Education is the obvious solution to many of these issues but for the technician there is always a cost to any worthwhile training, not only the course itself but travel, accommodation, beer etc! but the largest element is often time away from work particularly for sole traders.

Recently with the growth of the internet a lot of emphasis is being put on Forums and other information sources to provide the knowledge and information to over come problems out in the field. Whilst some forums and internet sites can be a good source of knowledge you need to realise that the information you are reading may be supplied by anyone, experienced or not, who will not fully understand the circumstances and may unwittingly make a situation worse. This is particularly true when people put up ‘quick fix’ solutions.  We are constantly amazed by the array of ‘shopping list’ products that are used to clean leather – from baby wipes to peanut butter. Once ruined, you as a technician are expected to ‘clean’ the problem better.

Advice and training should always be based on ‘best practice’; ‘quick fixes’ are something that are learnt with experience and should only be attempted by those who have abilities to deal with all possible out comes.

Leather Identification is the most important and complex area of study for those thinking of going into leather cleaning and repair work but also the area that most people think that they don’t need,  preferring instead to get straight to the hands on practical stuff. Our 1 day and 3 day courses are based on the fundamentals of Leather Identification – often totally overlooked or quickly glossed over by other training companies.

Training in the field of leather cleaning, repair and restoration can be a very lucrative ‘add-on’ to your current business or the foundation of a completely new one.  Whatever direction you choose LTT Leathercare are here to help and support you in the process.

Leather Training Courses

Meet the Instructor

Judy Bass (Judyb) has for many years been acknowledged and respected as one of the world’s leading leather training instructors.

Involved in the furniture industry for over 2 decades and with knowledge drawn from running a full time leather repair business for over 15 years Judy has lots of knowledge to pass on.

Judy has a very specialist in depth knowledge of leather and a passion for it’s care and repair so you will be learning from the very best.

Fully City & Guilds qualified to teach Judy has translated her knowledge into easy to understand modules which together with hands on practice has created some of the most interesting and informative courses available today.

Courses run by Judy are relaxed and fun but extremely informative and great value for money giving you the confidence to set yourself up in this fascinating industry.