3 Day Leather Technician Course


3 Day Leather Technicians Training Programme

Our industry endorsed and approved training programme has recognised certification and covers all you need to know about leather

The course is split into easy to follow modules as listed below:

Leather Training Module 1
What is leather

What is leather
What is leather

 What is leather and how is it produced?
 A short introduction to leather, the tanning process and how we get from cow to couch
 How this affects you as a technician

Leather Training Module 2
Leather Identification

Leather ID
Leather ID

 The most crucial step to successful leather care and repair
 Unique to LTT we use a 5 step process which makes  leather identification a simple process
 Using leather samples and whole hides we walk you through the process discussing care techniques as we go

Leather Training Module 3
Cleaning Products and Processes

Cleaning Sofa
Cleaning Sofa

 The best way to clean and care for all the different types of leather
 What methods are best and why some products don’t work
 We also take a look at problems that you might encounter during the cleaning process and how these should be dealt with

This module also looks at how to deal with customers and the common misconceptions that they have about leather cleaning and care

Leather Training Module 4
Colour Mixing – The secrets revealed

Colour Mixing
Colour Mixing

 Colour theory
 Colour mixing by eye
 Colour charts
 Mixing colour with a Colour Reader

Mixing colour is one of the hardest things for a technician to learn but is also the most crucial for successful repairs
It is a rewarding thing to learn and we have many different user friendly ways of helping you to learn this skill which you will practice on the course
Of course practice is required to fully master the techniques of colour mixing but our systems will get you on the way
We will also begin our introduction to Two tone leathers and Tinted Finishes

Leather Training Module 5
Minor Repairs Scuffs and Scratches

Leather Repairs
Leather Repairs

Putting your colour mixing skills to good practice we now learn the skills and techniques used for
 Minor scuffs
 Scratches
 Ink Removal
 Nail Polish Removal
 Cuts

Leather Training Module 6
Grain Copying and Fillers

Leather Repairs
Leather Repairs

For grain loss on pigment coated leather or when the use of fillers is necessary for the repair we teach you to use the Grain Copying system and look at heat cured and air dried fillers

Leather Training Module 7
Leather Restoration and the Recolouring Process


This module takes a look at both Aniline and Pigment Restoration and recolouring
Aniline restoration is a very rewarding process (both financially and aesthetically) and there are now excellent dyes on the market for this process
We also look at 2 different methods of Pigment Recolouring and Restoration using 2 very different products both of which now have their place in the repair industry
This module also looks at the process used to restore leather and uses different methods for application including using and looking after airbrushes

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