Handbag Repair Training Course


The very first dedicated Handbag Training Course.

A 5 day course covering all aspects of handbag repair and restoration.


The only course of its kind in the world. 
Take a trip with Judy Bass (Technical Director of The Handbag Spa) through the many skills required to become a handbag restoration technician.

Module 1

Taking a close look at Handbags

We take a look at the many varied makes and designs of handbag and the challenges they pose to the restorer

Module 2

What is leather?

  • What is leather and how is it produced?
  • A short introduction to leather and the different tanning processes 
  • How this affects you as a technician

Module 3

Leather Identification

  • The most crucial step to successful leather care and repair
  • Unique to LTT we use a 5 step process which makes leather identification a simple process
  • Using leather samples and whole hides we walk you through the process discussing care techniques as we go 

Module 4
Cleaning Products and Processes

  • The best way to clean and care for all the different types of leather
  • What methods are best and why some products don’t work
  • We also take a look at problems that you might encounter during the cleaning process and how these should be dealt with

This module also looks at how to deal with customers and the common misconceptions that they have about leather cleaning and care and how to identify what is a cleaning problem and what needs repair.

Module 5

Fabric Care and cleaning

Linings and stain removal

Module 6
Colour Mixing – the secrets revealed

  • Colour theory
  • Colour mixing by eye
  • Pigments vs. Dyes
  • Tinted Finishes
  • Mixing colour with a Colour Reader

Mixing colour is one of the hardest things for a handbag technician to learn but is also the most crucial for successful repairs

It is a rewarding thing to learn and we have many different user friendly ways of helping you to learn this skill which you will practice on the course
Of course practice is required to fully master the techniques of colour mixing but our systems will get you on the way

Module 7
Minor Repairs Scuffs and Scratches 

Putting your colour mixing skills to good practice we now learn the skills and techniques used for

  • Minor scuffs
  • Scratches
  • Ink Removal
  • Nail Polish Removal
  • Cuts 

Module 8

Piping repairs

Module 9

Handle edging

Module 10

The finishing processes

Please note we do not cover stitching repairs on this course