Aniline Cleaning & Restoration Masterclass

Aniline Cleaning & Restoration Masterclass

Join us on our Aniline Masterclass new for 2017

Aniline leathers are becoming more popular in the domestic market and are taking a bigger market share than ever before.   As a result, the need for qualified leather technicians to deal with problems arising from these types of leather is growing.

Many technicians shy away from them but with the advances in cleaning and dye technology they are no longer something to fear and learning to restore them will help add profit to your business.

Aniline leather if not cared for correctly will overtime suffer from staining, body oils and fading. These can all be remedied with the correct products and methods.

Understanding Aniline leather and its properties will make the whole process easier to understand and deal with

The Aniline Masterclass Agenda:

  • An overview of Aniline leather
  • Cleaning
  • Stain Removal
  • Aniline Dyes – Colour mixing
  • Aniline Colour restoration and Colour changing
  • How to advise your customer to care for their leather
  • Questions and Answers
  • Certification

Course £200.00 + vat
Course and Kit £450.00 + vat

Aniline Leather Kit contains:

Aniline Cleaner
Aniline Stain Remover
Aniline Leather Restore
Aniline LeatherGuard Protector
Aniline Dyes
Aniline Finish
Leather Aroma