Cleaning Auto Leather

Many people base their opinions of auto leather cleaning products by apparent results with very little knowledge of what is actually achievable in any given situation

In many cases, surface degradation is mistaken for dirt and if this is the case no cleaning product will have any real effect but many products will be labelled as poor simply because they cannot achieve the impossible

A crucial part of the cleaning process (which is often overlooked)  is to establish whether the pigment coating on the leather is damaged, this will then enable you to decide on the best course of action to achieve best results with least effort

There are several different methods for cleaning auto leather.  The selection of the most suitable product and method should be made on soil levels and leather condition and savings in time and cost can be made by the correct selection

This is necessary once or twice a year based on usage and colour of the leather (light colour may require deep cleaning more regularly)
Use a foaming product for the best and safest results
A foam cleaner will prevent ‘bleaching’ streaks (often caused by spray detergent cleaners) on the finish which can be impossible to remove, it also lifts the dirt from the leather and encapsulates it in the foam which means it can be removed from the leather surface rather than simply moving the dirt around

Pump plenty of foam onto the leather surface
Leave to dwell for several minutes (depending on the level of soiling)
Agitate with a Leather Cleaning Pad or stiff-bristled brush (do not scrub)
Remove foam with a paper towel which will absorb the foam and the dirt
Repeat if necessary

Recommended Products:
Auto Foam
Leather Cleaning Pads
Foaming Bottle

Maintenance cleaning consists of regular surface cleaning with a simple spray and wipes product containing a cleaner and protector (not a conditioner)
Maintenance cleaning will help remove dirt from the surface of the leather so that it cannot be ground into the finishes which will cause cracking and damage to the surface coatings
Done on a regular basis maintenance cleaning will reduce the need to deep clean particularly if used in conjunction with a good protection system

Recommended Products:
Auto Maintain
White Cloths

Protecting your leather is recommended to keep your leather clean and in good condition

Recommended Products:
Auto Protect (for dark colours)
Auto LeatherGuard (for pale colours)
Auto Leather Care Kit