LeatherGuard Protector

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The ultimate in stain protection for Aniline and pale coloured leather
Advanced barrier protection technology protects against

  • Dye Transfer
  • Stains and spillages
  • Ink
  • Grease and body oils

Keeps leather clean and prolongs the life of the leather itself
Tested to give up to 3 years protection on Aniline Leather


LeatherGuard Protector

Looking for the best leather protector on the market?
LeatherGuard Protector is the ultimate leather protector for your customers furniture
Using the most advanced stain protection technology LeatherGuard Protector provides unrivaled resistance to

  • Stains
  • Dye transfer
  • Spillages

LeatherGuard Protector

  • Re hydrates (feeds and nourishes!)
  • Keeps the leather clean
  • Allows the leather to breath
  • Does not alter the look or feel of the leather
  • Prolongs the life of the leather
  • Slows down fading

LeatherGuard Protector is

  • Water based
  • Fluorocarbon
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to apply


For the very best in protection against

  • Stains and spillages
  • Grease and body oils
  • Fading
  • Dye transfer
  • Ink

Leather Types

LeatherGuard Protector for effective protection on

  • Aniline Leather
  • Pull Up Leather
  • Micropigment
  • Semi Aniline
  • Pale coloured Pigment Coated leather


LeatherGuard Protector

  1. Spray onto leather or a lint free cloth
  2. Wipe over entire surface of leather a panel at a time
  3. Ensure an even coating is applied
  4. Allow to dry naturally or with a hairdryer
  5. On first application repeat the process

LeatherGuard Protector is fully effective after 24 hours but can be used as soon as the leather is dry

For Aniline leather use Aniline Cleaner
For Pigment Coated Leather use Leather Maintain or leave your customer with Lazy Leather

LeatherGuard Protector should be applied once every 12 months or after Deep Cleaning